That Gay Creation

new Queer gift shop

Meet your new Queer gift shop ‚That Gay Creation‘! Independent candle makers from Berlin and we have one mission: to spread joy, positivity and inclusiveness to communities, supplying gorgeous eco-friendly gifts to everyone. With the aim is to challenge the boundaries of what is perceived as provocative or shocking, always in a fun, sexy & eco-friendly way.

Dive into the catalogue of candles, soaps & naughty accessories and we’re sure you’ll find what you never knew you needed.


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Friedrichshain by the Spree
Holzmarktstraße 25 10243 Berlin

S-Bahnhof Ostbahnhof
Eintritt: frei

Nächste Termine

Spring Edition 2023

Sunday Mach 12th

Summer Edition 2021

Weekend 2: June 19th + 20th June

Autumn Edition 2021

Weekend 1: Oct 2nd + 3rd Oct

Autumn Edition 2021

Weekend 2: Oct 9th + 10th Oct