Modelabel aus Kyiv

Sheezen is young sustainable brand from Kyiv.The presentation of our first collection took place in February this year, but the creators of Sheezen have big plans. Together with like-minded people from all over the world, our aim is to form a culture of ethical and environmental production.

All Sheezen clothing is made from organic cotton that is safe for both human health and the environment, and is certified by the international GOTS standard.

The debut Sheezen spring-summer collection is distinguished by geometric shapes, a synthesis of symmetry and asymmetry, combined with bright accents, contrasting color blocks and original details. The designer of the brand was inspired by the work of suprematist artists.

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Neue Location in Kreuzberg
Luckenwalder Str. 6b 10963 Berlin

U-Bahnhof Gleisdreieck
Eintritt: 5,00 EUR (frei für: Kinder bis 12 Jahre)

Nächste Termine

Summer Edition 2020

Weekend 1: Aug 1st + 2nd Aug

Summer Edition 2020

Weekend 2: Aug 8th + 9th Aug

Winter Edition 2020

Weekend 1: Nov 21st + 22nd Nov

Winter Edition 2020

Weekend 2: Nov 28th + 29th Nov