the good choc

nucao. The good choc. With nucao chocolate, you’re picking yummy chocolate that’s all about the good stuff. Packed with natural organic and vegan ingredients, loaded with awesome Fairtrade cocoa and nut butter, and guess what? It’s got 30% less sugar but still rocks 100% taste! Plus, we’ve wrapped it up in eco-friendly paper so it’s a win-win-win. For you, the earth and cocoa farmers. Treat yourself to this super tasty chocolate snack guilt-free. Go on, enjoy!

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Plänterwald by the Spree
beer garden - Zum Anleger
Kiehnwerderallee 2 12437 Berlin

S-Bahnhof Treptow
Kulturbeitrag 1,00 EUR

Nächste Termine

Spring Edition 2024

Sunday May 12th + June 9th

Autumn Edition 2024

coming soon...