Katari Farms

Indoor farming project

Is a Berlin based Indoor farming project. We are specialized in growing
Microgreens. Microgreens are new „super crop“ fast-growing veggies
harvested in their at their baby phase. They contain up to 40% more
vitamins and minerals than their full-grown counterparts, making them a
nutrient dense super food.
We are also having our Food Truck concept where we exhibit our crops in
tasty healthy meals to show people ways to use them.

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Plänterwald by the Spree
beer garden - Zum Anleger
Kiehnwerderallee 2 12437 Berlin

S-Bahnhof Treptow
Kulturbeitrag 1,00 EUR

Nächste Termine

Spring Edition 2023

Sunday Mach 12th + April 9th + May 14th

Autumn Edition 2023

Sunday 24th Sept + 8th Oct + 12th Nov