Dried Flower Bouquet Workshop

mit Garden State Candles (17:00 - 18:00)

The Green Market has teamed up with Garden State Candles to offer you 3 exclusive workshops of dried flower making!

Create a dried flower bouquet that is both stunning and sustainable with Maya, the founder of Garden State Candles.
We will be working with a beautiful selection of dried flowers, seedheads and grasses to create our bouquets. During the 1h workshop Maya will teach you the basic techniques required to complete your own unique arrangement. A little photoshoot will follow for those who would love to share their everlasting beauties.

What you get:
A relaxing atmosphere blossoming with a large selection dried florals and grasses to choose from Basic knowledge about bouquet making and composition. All material such as scissors, floral tape and tissue paper are provided

What you take home:
Your everlasting dried bouquet

Duration: 1h
Price: 45€ per person

Mehr Infos unter: www.gardenstatecandles.com
Weekend 1: Facebook Event
Weekend 1: Facebook Event

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Neue Location in Kreuzberg
Luckenwalder Str. 6b 10963 Berlin

U-Bahnhof Gleisdreieck
Eintritt: 5,00 EUR (frei für: Kinder bis 12 Jahre)

Nächste Termine

Summer Edition 2021

Weekend 1: June 12nd + 13rd June

Summer Edition 2021

Weekend 2: June 19th + 20th June

Autumn Edition 2021

Weekend 1: Oct 2nd + 3rd Oct

Autumn Edition 2021

Weekend 2: Oct 9th + 10th Oct